What Type of Bathroom is Ideal for Your Family Home?

Are you planning to overhaul your bathroom and give it a whole new look? The bathroom can make a huge difference to the overall feel of a home, and add value to it. By taking the time to make sure your bathroom suits your family but also has a sleek design, you’ll do yourself a huge favour. Here are some ideas that could be perfect for you:


Shower Room

A shower room is great for families who are on the go. The shower is practical, convenient, and it doesn’t take up much space at all. It’s a good idea to make sure that all of the materials in your shower room are waterproof, so that you can splash water when you get out the shower without worrying. The rain showerhead is one of the most popular that money can buy. Many people go for big mirrors in the shower room, along with the basics such as the sink and toilet. You may also want a sleek looking radiator to keep your towel nice and warm for you.

Wet Room

If you have a very small bathroom, then a wet room isn’t for you. This is because as everything steams up in the room, making all things wet. They are harder to install than a regular bathroom, but they can lend an interior a very modern, contemporary yet minimalist appearance. For one of these to work in your home, you’ll need to understand any special requirements and come up with solutions early on.


Spa Style Bathroom

A spa style bathroom is perfect for those who like to pamper themselves. This sort of design is perfect for a spacious area, although you can work with whatever you have, Future Builds explain. Using natural looking materials is recommended, as they always look more organic and fresh. Make sure you have enough storage space for your beauty products and towels too.

Country Bathroom

Country bathrooms have a lot of character, and can be perfect for those who enjoy a more shabby chic, antique look about the place. You can really use your imagination with the design and come up with anything you find suits you. Lots of people who like country bathrooms have stand alone bathtubs. Consider using statement mirrors to create a focal point in the room. Using wood to decorate adds to the effect.

Elegant Bathroom

Elegant bathrooms are usually neutral in colour, and very sleek in design. You’ll see a lot of ceramics, glass, and sometimes wood on the floor. You can also opt for tiles, decadent colours, and statement mirrors. If you want to be extravagant, go for a double sink and marble bath/floors. It all depends on your budget, but an elegant bathroom can be created in many ways. If you prefer patterns, you can fit those in too! Consider adding patterned tiles to get a unique look.

You have an endless amount of options when it comes to your bathroom. I hope this post gave you some inspiration! See you next time. 

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