Kooky Ideas to Make Your Home That Bit More Awesome


You might decide you want to do some work on your house to make it that bit better. If you’re looking for ways to make your home a bit more awesome, you might need to shake things up. A simple paint job isn’t going to do the trick this time around. You’re going to need to come up with some kookier ways to get your home looking better.

Here are some ways you can do this:

Solar Panels

If you want to make your home look awesome and make it more efficient at the same time, you should think about adding solar panels. You can get the panels fitted onto the side of your house. But getting them on your roof is more common. There are a lot of different designs and sizes of solar panels. They give homes a sleek, modern look and make your house stand out from others in the street. They may be expensive to install to begin with but in the long run you will make a considerable saving on your energy bills. Solar panels are a perfect way to make your home look awesome and save yourself a heap of cash in the long run.

Tree House

A more kooky idea to make your home more awesome is to pop in a tree house. If you have kids, then this might be the best thing you can do. Kids love a tree house and love the spirit of adventure. A tree house in the backyard will make your home into a kiddie-friendly adventure zone. A tree house also adds a more quirky and original dimension to your home. You could build one out of sheet metal or corrugated plastic. But if you want to be original then you should use good old-fashioned wood. A tree house is a fun project for you and will give your kids years of enjoyment. You could even add a makeshift ladder or rope bridge to make it seem like a magical place far away.

Eco Lights

Here’s a novel idea, if you want a subtle way to improve your home you might want to think about eco lights. These are energy efficient lights that will replace your existing ones.  You should visit http://www.ecosaveledlights.co.uk/ to find out the different wattage and styles of bulb. These lights look sleek and sexy and can be up to ninety percent more energy efficient than regular bulbs. You should be able to find a bulb to suit any fitting in your home. If you change all the lights in your home to eco lights, you’ll turn your home into an energy efficient paradise.

Build a Summer House

You might feel like you want to make an addition to your property. Maybe an extension isn’t viable. And we all know conservatories are too common and take a lot of work. So instead you might think about building a summer house. You can put this in your garden as a sort of outhouse. The beauty if a summer house is that inside you can make it anything you want. You could turn it into an office, a small art studio or just a room for rest and relaxation. A summer house isn’t as imposing as a conservatory and takes up much less space.

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