How To Transform Your Dusty Garage Into A Useable Space

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When it comes to home improvement, your garage may not be high on your list. Cleaning it won’t give you the same satisfaction as a pristine kitchen or bathroom. However, it will help you turn a useless space into a vital extra room. The garage is an oft forgotten space when it comes to the home. Although it can be dirty, cold and lifeless, it can really come into its own if you know how to use it.

That’s what we’re going to teach you today. We’ll look at the ways in which you can use your garage to turn it into a vital, useable space. We’re not suggesting setting up a sofa and a TV! No, we’re here to help you use it for storage, maybe transform it into a workshop or a gym. Let’s get started now, just in time for Spring. A clean and tidy garage can revolutionise the organisation flow in your home. It can provide a home for certain tools and open up some space in your house. Here’s how.

Remove all of the clutter

First things first, avoid using the garage as a dumping ground. It is not the place for decades-old boxes and artifacts you’re never going to use again. Your first task is a thorough clear out. Purge the garage of any clutter and unnecessary items. Be ruthless with the things that you don’t need or use. Take them to charity shops of even sell them on eBay or at car boot sales. You might be surprised at how much you make from this.

Give it a good clean

Your garage is probably the dirtiest place in the house. It’s full of dust, oil and goodness knows what else! Now that you’ve emptied it out, your next task is to clean it. This can be a disgusting job, but we have one little trick for you. Get your hands on a power hose. They use high pressure water to force out dirt and oil. Once the floor is completely clean, use a varnish or sealant to protect it. That will also help it stay clean in the future.

Storage, storage, storage

The key to a functional, organised garage is storage. There are so many little tricks and gadgets out there to improve the storage in your garage. We know there isn’t a lot of room to work with, but the trick is to make the most of your space. Hang tools up along the wall. Use industrial shelving and fill it full of labelled boxes. Organise your storage into separate sections. Have one for cleaning products, one for painting and decorating and one for DIY tools. You’ll know what works best for you here.

Set up a work station

If you really want to transform the garage, think about making a little work station. This will effectively add an extra room to your house. It could be a space to practice some woodwork or metalwork. You can build extra things for the house, perhaps. You could also fashion a small studio space for painting, craft making or just about anything else. Use your imagination here.

Your garage doesn’t have to be the dusty, unusable space it currently is. Give it a facelift and see what you can do with yours!

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