Most Profitable Home Improvement Jobs – Postcode Edition

Most Profitable Home Improvement Jobs

  • Room extension: adds £15,665 to the value of your home on average, depending on where you live this figure is much higher or considerable lower. In London it’s £52,813 but if you’re in the North West its £10,000.
  • Conservatory: will add £9,420 on average to the overall value of your home. The figure again is a lot higher for houses based in London £43,889 and it’s lower than the average in the East Midlands £6,636 and West Midlands £6,050.
  • Loft Conversion: on average you can expect a £16,152 increase in the value of your home. If you’re based in the North West this figure is a little lower at £10,167 and if you’re in the West Midlands its again lower £10,200.
  •  New windows are a good addition too as on average they’ll increase the value of your home by £4,866 and the increase is not dramatically low in some areas like the other improvement jobs. It is again higher in London £11,398 but in other parts of the country its around about £3000 the lowest.
  • A new décor is a good way to freshen up your home and add value to it too, on average it adds £3,100 to the value of your home. 

Data and graphic by: Vibrant Doors.

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