How to transform your bathroom in easy ways

Bathrooms across the country are getting made over – those old fashioned suites are out, spa-like sanctuaries are in. When you come home at the end of the day and pop in to the bathroom to refresh yourself, which would you prefer to see – the same old shower curtain and stark lighting you’ve seen every day or your own personal sanctuary? It’s a place where you’re bound to spend at least a little time every day, so why not give it a little time and effort? 
Just a few easy tips can help you on your way to transformation. Glass shower screens can make a huge difference to a room. As well as being much easier to keep clean, they will open up the room giving the illusion of much more space. And for the height of luxury with your shower, try a quadrant shower, not only does it look good, but some even come with a variety of different sprays, including steam, and fancy lighting. 

Transforming our bathroom can be as easy as changing around the lighting; switching the bare bulbs or gaudy fluorescent strips that bounce off white tiles for some lower wattage bulbs or dimmer switches will create a bathroom space that’s easy on the eyes and will save you money in the long run. An even simpler way to achieve this is to place a couple of lamps and scented candles around the room and use those instead to create mood lighting. 
If you’ve got a little more to spend, consider installing some luxury items like a flat screen television on the wall – not a necessity, more of an indulgence, but just imagine coming home at the end of the day to lounge in the bath watching your favourite film surrounded by scented candles. 
A final tip is to make it perfect with those little touches. Add a basket filled with small bottles of essentials to pamper yourself with; place a pot plant on the windowsill; ensure all your towels are matching. With a few simple changes here and there around your bathroom, you’ll soon have a haven to escape to for a few minutes of peace at the end of a busy day.

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