How to Protect Your Wooden Decking

Wooden decking is a welcome addition to any home. Whereas we once all had concrete patios to provide us with an outdoor space, the 21st century saw wood move into fashion as a softer, more natural alternative to concrete.

Wooden decking provides us with the outdoor space we all crave on a nice day, essentially creating an outdoor room for us to use to entertain family and friends or relax on with a good book while you catch a sun tan.

Wooden deck
Wooden Decking

However, some people fail to adequately protect their wooden decking. Leaving it exposed to the elements which can cause wear and tear over time.

Here are some tips for how to protect your deck:

Regularly Check Your Deck
Every few weeks give your decking a quick glance. Look for any areas that look like they may be gathering dampness or water. The water can cause more damage than you realise as it leads to rot and mould. Also ensure there is no soil in any cracks and crevices. Soil also retains moisture and wears away at any decking treatment you may have applied to protect the wood.

Ensure that your decking is well maintained. Don’t let leaves gather on your decking, don’t let your pet dog scratch away all of your decking paint. If you notice a loose nail then hammer it back into place as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to treat your decking in the same way that you would treat wooden flooring in your home.

Cleaning your deck is easier than you think and it will help bring a new lease of life to your wood. First use a stiff brush to remove any dirt and debris from the surface of your wood. Remember to get into all of the corners of your deck. Next use a specially formulated decking cleaner – you can find these at DIY and gardening stores – and give your deck a good clean. You can use a pressure washer afterwards for particularly stubborn marks. An important note to remember is to let your decking dry thoroughly after cleaning before you begin using it again.

Treat your wood
When your decking was installed it is likely that the wood was treated with decking paint or oil. These provide your wood with a nice new finish, but they also help to protect the wood. If it looks like the elements may have worn away your decking treatment then you might want to re-apply a fresh coat. Remember to clean your decking before doing this and carefully follow the instruction on the tin.

Learn About Decking Products
This is one of the most important things to learn when you have decking. By learning about the products you need to maintain your decking you will be better equipped to fix any problems that may arise. Do you know the difference between decking oil and decking stain? What do you use to remove mould from the wood? If you don’t know the answer to these questions then it’s time to learn. And best of all it should only take a few minutes to learn about the products you need.

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