5 Ways To Turn Your Home Green And I’m Not Talking About Painting It

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Most of us are guilty of not looking after the environment and it’s a shame. You might say you care about this planet, but do you honestly do anything to help it? Sometimes we do the most damage at home. Maybe what we do individually isn’t a big deal, but there are billions of people in the world and if they all had that bad attitude we would get nowhere. If you would like to turn it around and start making some changes at home that would help the environment it’s easy to do.

You obviously don’t know how to do it at the moment and that’s OK, because we’re going to discuss some of the changes you can make. You don’t need to paint yourself green and do everything on the list because it’s going to be hard for most people, but you can make as much changes as possible because every little helps. Take a good look at some of these and see what you think of them. You’ll never know how hard they are unless you give them a try.

Start recycling if you haven’t already

Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers

How hard is it to recycle things at home? You buy lots of food and it comes in different packaging. You could have glass bottles, plastic, tin cans, or a few different things. Is it really so complicated to keep them in different bins? I can understand if you have a tiny home and can’t fit anything under the sink except one little trash can, but if you have the space to recycle and don’t do it then it’s called pure laziness. You’re sensible and you can see how much of an impact it could have on our children’s future, so please start doing it.

Wash your clothes in cold water

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When you use your washing machine the energy that’s wasted is to warm the water up, or at least the biggest percentage of it is. Imagine being able to use cold water and saving almost 75% on your energy bills, plus helping the environment at the same time. You don’t need to wash everything in cold water, but definitely the clothes you’ve had on once. You can pick up some pretty good washing detergent that’s specifically designed for cold water, so why not?

Time to upgrade

Alison Johnstone and (not plastic) bags

If you have old appliances then upgrading to newer and more energy-efficient models can be a breath of fresh air. It’s always nice when you have new toys around the home and you don’t need to spend tons of money. Sure, you could get yourself a nice fancy fridge, but if you wanted to get a toaster that would be good too. Take your time and start upgrading your appliances now, only spending what you can afford.

Build a barricade


The amount of energy that escapes from your home is terrible and when the bill comes in it’s definitely annoying to realize you’re paying some money for heating the entire world. Unless you live in an airtight container you will never stop all the heat from escaping, but by using a few tricks you can certainly come close. Sealing your windows and doorframes is a good place to start. You should also block off your fire if you don’t even use it. Don’t forget those cracks around the house.

Save the rainforest

To print or NOT to print...
Trees get cut down at an alarming rate and do you really think they can grow back at the same speed? It’s pretty silly considering they give us plenty of fresh oxygen. Start trying to save as much paper as possible around the home. Don’t over-indulge when you’re using toilet paper. Get yourself off all those nasty junk mail lists because you know it’s pointless and a complete waste of paper. Just try to do the best you can because that’s all anyone can do.

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