5 Ways To Repair Your Damaged Home Before Something Much Worse Happens

Floor Tile Repairs

We’re finally starting to see some nice weather and hopefully it will be a long time before we experience anything as bad as last winter. Life is much more enjoyable when you don’t need to make your way to work in the freezing cold. Your life can get back to normal again and there isn’t anything you need to worry about, except for maybe your home. It’s not what could happen that is the problem, but what has already happened that you maybe don’t know about.

Because it was battered by ferocious wind, rain, and snow it’s possible there could be something wrong and the longer you leave it the more chance there is of something bad happening. You don’t need your roof collapsing or your driveway sinking, so maybe we can look at the things you should check right away before you start getting ready for summer. If you don’t check them it only means the repair costs will be much higher when the time comes to deal with the damage.

Check your gutters

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Do you have any idea what happens to water when it can’t get away? It will eventually creep over the top of your guttering and run down the face of your home. After a while the color starts to fade and you have a big patch that looks stupid. If you want to fix it you have to repaint the entire wall. It gets ever worse when it’s very cold outside because your gutters collapse when it turns into ice. All of that can be prevented by making sure the leaves are always scooped out once per year.

Unblock your drains

When water can’t go in one direction it won’t just sit there. When your drainage system is blocked the only way it’s getting out is if it comes out of your drains in the garden. The smell will do more damage to your nose than it will to your garden, but the same thing applies when water turns into ice. There is a possibility it will crack the ground and your garden will look like the aftermath of an earthquake. Always check the water is getting away to be safe.

Don’t forget about the roof


The sky is like a tap that never gets turned off and eventually a huge amount of rain will land on your roof. When the water starts coming down it needs to reach the gutter without falling inside your home. You know what will happen if you have lots of cracks and holes where perfectly good tiles used to be. Nothing will stop it from landing inside your attic and turning into a huge puddle. If it gets bad enough the water will start coming through your ceiling all because you didn’t get your tiles repaired.

Under the driveway

You don’t want water lying anywhere near your driveway because it’s not safe. The water could make its way underneath and wash away the soil. What you’re left with is a massive gap in between the earth and the concrete. How many times do you think you will need to drive over it in your car before it collapses out from underneath you? A car is heavy and the driveway won’t last forever, so make sure you have a way for water to get away.

Check your fence

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Your fence has many jobs that it doesn’t get credit for. It acts as a deterrent against anyone who wants to break in, it stops pets from escaping, and it lets you give the children more freedom without you having to watch them like an eagle. If the strong winds have damaged it then you can’t expect it to do all of those jobs. You need to repair any broken or snapped panels before you get strong wind again to stop it from getting any worse.

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