Typical Wear and Tear on a Home

Wear and tear on the exterior of a home depends mainly on the climate. Cold climates that experience snow and ice can be brutal on the roof and siding material, as well as doors and windows. Blistering sun and heat can also have an adverse effect on the roof and siding and doors and windows. The interior of the home will experience wear and tear based on the events that surround everyday life.

North Carolina is protected by the Appalachian Mountains and adverse weather rarely extends beyond the mountain range. In the event a snow storm does make it over the mountains, it usually appears less intense in nature than it was before travelling the mountain tops. North Carolina does not experience cold temperatures for long periods of time.

In a 5 to 10 year time frame, North Carolina home owners can expect to find it necessary to power wash the exterior of their homes. Dirt, grime and environmental matter that build up on siding will eventually damage the paint and siding material to the point where weather will get under the siding and into the house. Homeowners may find it necessary to repaint or at least touch up paint on the south side of the home, as that side is effected most by the weather. New brick homes are subject to pitting and scarring if the dirt and grime is not cleaned off on a regular basis, leading to the degradation of the brick material.

Gutters should be cleaned out at least once a year but should be inspected every 5 years to make sure they are maintaining their integrity. Gutters in good shape will keep rain water and any snow melt away from the exterior of the house. Water damage due to improperly working gutters can cause major damage to the home.

Homeowners will find weather stripping on doors and windows may need to be replaced, not only to keep the weather out, but to make sure teeny tiny critters are not getting into the home.

Normal wear and tear inside the home is due to the activity in the home. In a 5 to 10 year time frame carpets will have to be cleaned, either professionally or by renting a steam cleaner and performing the work yourself. Wood floors will have to be polished to remove scuff marks. Paint will fade over time and collect finger prints and marks and will need to be refreshed. The kitchen will need a thorough cleaning, especially the vent over the stove.

Blind pulls will have to be replaced and carpets on stairs may have to reattached with tacks or glue. Paint will have to be refreshed and wood work washed and cleaned. Pet owners will find it necessary to open all the windows and air the house out from time to time, typically on a breezy day.

Taking care of the little things inside and outside of the home, will keep the home in good working order and minimize any major work in the future.

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