Upgrade Your Bedroom and Bathroom to Decorator Style Showpieces

showpieces for bedroom
It doesn’t take very much to transform your present unexceptional bedroom and bathroom at home to decorator style showpieces. Whether it is a master bedroom, suite, guest or standard and even a bathroom suite, guest bathroom, corner bathroom or powder room, size is far from being a deciding factor. For instance, a corner bathroom is a smaller space but a great one to experiment with design risks. It is a truism that smaller spaces can successfully handle repurposed finish decor which would appear overwhelming in a bathroom suite.

Decorator style elements

showpieces for bedroom

Decorator styled bedrooms and bathrooms have distinct style elements. A few of these elements are not exclusive but they are certainly inclusive. Besides, they contour a separate bedroom personality and appeal and likewise a different bathroom personality and appeal. Moreover, the two though projecting a similar style are as different from each other as the Chinese Ying and Yang but at the same time balance and reinforce each other.

Bedrooms with decorator style personality and appeal are composed and calm, and play with subtle designs with modern and antique accents showcasing tailoring. The look is sophisticated and chic, the style elements of a typical well-dressed Englishman.
*Custom designed sleek bed in a mix of sculpted steel as well as reclaimed wood
*A pair of lamps having a foggy grey appearance, placed on either side of a decorative headboard.
*A designer headboard to merge and melt into the facing wall.
*Plain color schemes electrified by textural walls.
* A striped wall with off-white and white stripes or light and dark stripes.
*A headboard designed with an upholstered look to radiate a composed and calm impact for a master bedroom.
*A guest bedroom with a topnotch comfortable bed, a fluffy chair near a welcoming fire, a writing table and curios to create homely surroundings – a luxurious space a guest would find very difficult to leave.

*More on the guest bedroom:  pamper your guest with a few thoughtful add-ons, nothing costly but easy to offer such as a pitcher of cold water, a thermos of hot cocoa, a pack of face tissues, a collection of quality books, paper and pen.
* A wool headboard with a soft touch to warm up the bed area.

Decorator style bathrooms

Bathrooms with decorator style elements flaunt soft lighting, metallic hues, traditional style, snazzy detailed bathroom wall tiles and repurposed fixtures and finishes. A look at a few decorator style touches.
*Mirrors are large circular discs atop white basins but curving mirrors are a growing trend for they enhance style quotient without the need for remodeling in standard bathrooms.
*Traditional style reinforced by marble and polished chrome in master bedrooms.
* Gold and lavender hues in guest bathrooms reflect the color scheme in the adjacent guest bedroom and artistic accessories in metallic shades support the color play.

*Sconces placed on either side of a circular mirror neutralize very bright lighting that can be an uncomfortable glare and at the same time is unflattering and harsh – the result is a pleasanter and softer reflection.
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