4 Easy Ways To A Vintage Kitchen

Today, there are an incredible series of choices when it comes to kitchen design. From the ultra modern to the old fashioned and rustic, your choice of kitchen should compliment your home. There is another option, however, and that is a vintage look.
We’re not talking about the bold retro styles of the 60s and 70s, but the elegant practicality of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Enjoy a whole new kitchen that’s influenced by a time less consumed by technology and speed. You can escape into a world that offers a reflection of the times, making it a sanctuary from the pace of modern life outside.
Here are five ways that can help you bring together the vintage look for your kitchen, without paying out for an interior designer!

Cream retro ceiling lights

The way you light your kitchen can make all the difference. Sometimes the addition of fittings such as cream retro kitchen lights will add a remarkable personality to the room. There are some great pendant ceiling lights and shades now that even give you the look of the Brief Encounter railway waiting room. With the addition of a simple light fitting you can already be hurtling back to a time romance and elegance.

Tin containers

The addition of a few themed storage ideas around your kitchen can offer a real touch of the old-fashioned. Enamel tins and containers have that vintage touch of durability and practical style. A collection of matching enamel containers can look a little planned, so try and get a collection of different sizes or colours to create that look of a hard working kitchen.

Metal signs

Pictures and paintings are a classic way of sprucing up a tired room. While you can put up framed prints, there are alternatives. One of the main worries about putting up pictures is the effect of steam and heat on prints. With metal signs there’s no such worry. Metal signs are fun ways of giving your wall space a quirky chic, depicting anything from war time slogans to old advertising posters. They always make an excellent talking point with visitors too.

Window boxes

We’ve all seen the posters, but the overriding spirit of wartime Britain was to Keep Calm and Carry On. Although we’re not facing quite the same dangers, there’s no harm in employing a little of this spirit today. Window boxes for herbs are a great idea for doing your bit to help your own personal economy. Plant a selection of basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary and sage to help out with cooking without the need to dart off to the shops when a recipe calls for a touch of extra flavour.

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