Stylish Windows Can Freshen Up Your Home

Living without windows is akin to living without vitality. Life is full of sunshine and happiness, if one is willing to search for it. Windows may simply seem as a means of drawing in some of the sunlight to illuminate the interiors but they do much more than that. The aesthetic value of windows goes far beyond their actual purpose.
There are just a few things that people notice from the street when they roll up outside any house – the design of the house and the windows. Bare or naked windows, no matter how stylish they look on their own, are always dull to watch. Accentuating them with blinds or curtains not only gives people privacy, but also adds to the overall appeal of a house. However, windows should not just accentuate the house but also give it a personality of its own. And, contrary to popular belief, it is not the actual design of the windows but the way it is accessorized that makes it look stylish, adding to the home’s glamour. No wonder, real estate agents looking to hype up the asked price for a house start renovating windows and adding in curtains or external shades, and couple of other things.
So what are the four things that one can use to make any window look stylish? They are curtains, shades, glass and shutters.

Curtains for The Inside
Everyone wants to cover their windows so that outsiders cannot get a glimpse of the private life inside a house. Large windows make this task especially hard but the most important thing to consider with curtains is how much sunshine one wants to allow inside. Heavy drapes will definitely look amazing from the inside but they also detract from the natural lighting of the house. The best style advice therefore is to use a double layer of curtains – heavy for special occasions, with an inner layer of translucent white, or other hue and pattern, curtains for day time. One may even add in blinds for places such as the bathroom since privacy is necessary there. Roller blinds are the best bet.

Shades or Controlling Sunlight
Shades are similar to blinds except that they can be dropped down whenever necessary. These come in many colors and designs. Depending on the exact nature of the window, one can custom-order shades to fit in with furniture and interior design.

Shutters Cover and Decorate
There are two types of shutters, one for the inside and the other for the outside. Inside shutters are available in metal, plastic and wood. The most stylish of all have to be timber shutters because of the aristocratic nature associated with wood in general. Moreover, with large ceiling to floor windows, shutters play a major role in controlling sunlight. Outside shutters add a nostalgic appeal to the house and give it a medieval look.

Glass Matters Most
What kind of glass one uses speaks a lot about the inhabitants. Most people prefer using plain see-through glass but a few do make use of tinted windows. It is a matter of choice and does not matter much to those inside the house. However, from an external view, house design and color dictates the exact kind of glass to use.

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