Candles and Home Decor

Everything appears attractive by candlelight. Candles add warmth, style, and tone to any room. Whether assembled for excitement, nestled in glass votives on the fireplace mantel, or grouped on the dining room table, candles add ambiance to homes across the globe.

Candles have been utilized as light and for celebrations for over 5,000 years. However, not much is known about their beginnings. It is frequently stated that the first candles were created by the ancient Egyptians. They supposedly used torches or rush-lights prepared by drenching the pithy-core of reeds in liquefied animal fat. Nonetheless, the rush-lights did not have wick like candles today.

Since their initial use, candles have changed dramatically. Even though they are no longer the main source of light for homes, candles continue to increase in recognition and use. Now, candles are used for romance, celebrations, ceremonies, and as accents for home decors, especially scented candles that exude soothing aromas and calms the senses.

Here are a few of the most popular trends in home decorating with candles:

Large Pillar Candles

These types of candles placed in glass-lanterns or enclosed by glass-hurricanes make a decorating presence throughout the day, and envelops a room with delicate warmth and pleasure when lit. Large pillar candles can be particularly interesting when together in pairs at the end of a fireplace mantel, or as the focus on a coffee or end table.

Groupings of Tapers or Pillars

For a dense yet eye-catching effect, groupings of tapers or pillars will complement any décor. For example, various tones of one color or identical colors with diverse candle holders look stunning. Taper-groupings can be remarkably interesting and effortlessly alternated at little expense. In addition, when utilizing tapers, think beyond the dining or living room.

Asian Influence

By placing one or more pillar-candles on a pillar-plate and then enveloping the candle foundation with black or flat gray stones is dazzling. This look works best with neutral shades or richly colored candles and pillar-plates made of heavy pottery or metal.

The Fireplace

Create a dramatic backdrop by filling your fireplace with candles. Alternatively, utilize the hearth to bring the light, warmth, and color of candles into the room. When using scented-candles, be sure that they are all the same fragrance. Candle holders created specifically for inside fireplace use are a fantastic way to enjoy a fireplace when it is too warm for a log-fire.

Textures and Metallic

Round and square pillars with interesting patterns and textures in unique shapes, with delicately-toned patterned metallic-surfaces, are quickly becoming a favorite with interior decorators who are looking to combine the traditional attraction of candles with artistic panache.

Transform the Patio or Garden

Transforming the patio or garden with candlelight makes it charming and enchanting. Convey a sparkle of candlelight to your patio dining with groups of cream or white candles protected with votive or hurricane holders. Think about sconces for an outdoor garden wall, or luminaria to light-up a garden walkway.

In essence, there are few things that can compare to the captivating glow and softness of a well chosen qualitycandles. Candles take homes to another dimension by giving them a quality that only candles are meant to bestow.

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