Four Ways Tiling Can Add Value to Your Home

Did you know that wherever you are in the US, be it San Diego tile hunting or Dallas countertops contemplating, according to realty experts who sell homes for a living every day, of all the rooms in your home, the humble bathroom is the room which most influences potential buyers and adds the most value to the home.
And that’s not all, did you know that the key feature that prospective buyers look for most is good quality bathroom and kitchen tiles. Incredible, crazy, but nonetheless, true!
And what’s the most popular choice of tiling for the home? Of all the many types on the market, ceramic is a runaway winner because this versatile burned clay flooring and wall covering product is durable, cost effective, attractive and easy to replace if a tile should break or become damaged in any way. But just before you go San Diego tile sourcing to add value and beauty to your home, bear in mind these important points.


1 How to be creative

A beautiful bathroom should be a work of art. You need to put plenty of thought and taste into it. Consider some dramatic effects for the tiling instead of simple plain squares. Maybe diagonal tiling on the walls and floors would look better. Diamond shaped or harlequin patterns will give your bathroom an entirely different flavor – and you can get creative with the choice of tiles with alternating colors, such as black and white or blue and white. This effect will look stunning. And here’s another trick to bear in mind, try combining large tiles with smaller tiles to create contrast and drama.

2. How to be consistent

In your noble efforts to be creative and artistic, do not lose sight of the need not to go over the top and introduce too many colors and too many effects. Stick to a certain color palette and do not deviate from it. If you want to create a subtle theme with picture tiles, be sure to keep the picture tiles to a tasteful minimum so that it is not overdone. Create a color theme and remain disciplined.

3. How to be impactful

Did you know that a dramatic impact on a bathroom can be achieved with minimal change?
Careful attention to patterns and carefully selected tiles can achieve a great effect. You can install ceramic tiles in your choice of colors, but then lay a secondary color with artistic spacing every three to four tiles. Slowly the pattern will start to emerge and the look can be really amazing yet very simple to achieve. Just make sure the secondary color complements your main color theme.
Of course these are just some basic ideas, you really need to do your Dallas countertops research. Ask your local tile warehouse for help. Take home samples to see how they work. Enquire about the various shapes you can achieve with tiling both on your floors and on your walls. You can have a lot of fun with tiles and express your artistic skills. That’s why many people say that picking the tiles is the hardest part. Get that right and laying the tiles neatly and properly is relatively easy.

4. How to laythe tiles

OK, so let’s suppose you have done the hard part of picking your tiles and grout, you are happy with the color, the shape, the choice of grout, and you have everything measured up perfectly.
Now it is time for the installation. This is normally done in six parts. Or if you have sufficient funds, just one part, which is to contract local suppliers to do all the work for you!
Step 1 Strip down your bathroom
Before you start you have to get rid of what is already there, tearing out lino or laminate that has been sitting there for years. A dirty, hard job but it has to be done.  You need a good, clean empty floor and walls to begin the new install. Everything must go.
Step 2 Careful prep
Clean as you go, any dirt left on the floor can spell disaster for laying tiles. A clean surface is an absolute must.
Step 3 Attention to detail
Take your time; you will have to live with the final result for a long time. Get your measurements right, ensure you have enough tiles to achieve the effect you want.
Step 4 Lay the tiles
Get all your tiles down and in place. Easy to do, but hard on the back.
Step 5 Cut to shape
Once you’ve got all your whole tiles down it’s time to take care of the edges around the skirting boards to fill the spaces professionally. Be patient, this can be the most time consuming stage of the whole job.

Step 6 Grouting

We saved the best till last. Fill grout and wipe up the excess with a damp sponge. Be sure to give the grout at least 24 hours to dry, then stand back and admire your handiwork. Congratulations, you’ve just added $$$ to the value of your home!

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