5 Things That Should Never Be Seen in a Stylish Bathroom

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There are many people out there who would not be adverse to spending hundreds – if not thousands – in order to achieve the ideal look for their bathroom.
And why not?
As a choice space for naked solitude and winding away the day’s troubles in a sea of bubbles (oh look, I did a rhyme!), one would want their bathroom to be well designed.
Unfortunately though, even those that do spend much money and time on their bathrooms’ aesthetics can ruin the look later, by having certain items on clear view cluttering up the space.

Here are the top five items that – in my opinion and no particular order – should never be seen by users of your bathroom:

#1: Children’s Bath Toys

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I cannot think of a single example in which smiling yellow ducks, toy boats and faux fire engines have made for a great interior design in any room, let alone the bathroom!
The majority of children’s bath toys are brightly coloured and as such will stand out harshly against sleek granite and chrome – or similar surfaces – and bring down the overall tone (read as maturity) of the room. Their soft plastic construction will see the toys as even more of an eyesore if plastic is not a common theme throughout the room (and if you’re creating a stylish bathroom it shouldn’t be!)
Now I am not suggesting that you disallow your children to have bath toys – that would be cruel! I do however recommend that you invest in some spacious bathroom furniture in which to store such toys and the other four items included on this list.

#2: Ladies Sanitary Products

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No one wants to think about other people’s “bits” whilst they are emptying and dealing with their own and so sanitary products such as towels and tampons should be hidden well out of sight, not left on the windowsill or under the bathroom sink!
Guests who spot such products will instantly think that their female host is currently having her “time of the month” which is not a pleasant thought regardless of whether she is or isn’t actually menstruating. You wouldn’t have items relating to your sex life on show in your bathroom (hopefully) so don’t display anything else related to your nether regions either!

#3: Male Grooming Products

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Men might argue that they need to leave their razor and shaving foam out and next to the soap holder for easy access each morning before work but for the sake of a good looking bathroom these male grooming products need to be stored away out of sight.
If your man won’t play ball, simply remind him that every time the toilet gets flushed, million of poo particles are shot up into the air and can land on ever y exposed surface in the bathroom, including the blades of his razor – does he really want to go to work with a beard of microscopic faeces?

#4: Trash Can and Contents

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Although there is nothing at all wrong with having a trash can in your bathroom, the type that you choose is important. You should look for a bin that comprises a lid for those without one invite users of your bathroom to look at the contents inside (and they won’t be nice!)
Lids however are a little pointless if the bin is rarely emptied – an over spilling bin is a no-no in a stylish bathroom. Also try to match your bin to your bathroom’s decor since a plastic one, for example, will draw too much focus in a room that is largely glass.

#5: Soap Scum and Dirt  

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Putting your all into renovating your bathroom really is quite pointless if you do not make the necessary efforts to keep it clean! Although this might seem quite obvious, I have seen many attractively decorated bathrooms in my time that would be absolutely divine if only there was not a ring of soap scum around the tub and across the walls of the shower enclosure.

People who are lazy can help themselves by carefully thinking about the surfaces they include in their bathroom design since some are made to repel a certain amount of dirt and/or have smear prevention. You’ll still have to put elbow grease in from time to time however – no bathroom is self cleaning!


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